The Unvanquished City

Porto for Vegans

          Portuguese food, famous for its all inclusive use of meats from beef, pork, chicken, and goat, to every type of seafood imaginable, and notorious for the Francesinha, can be a difficult and even intimidating cuisine to keep a cruelty-free, Vegan diet.  From personal experience with almost 10 trips back to Porto, I can say that keeping a Vegan diet there requires patience and persistence, but it is very do-able and maintaining a strong Vegan diet should not slow you down in experiencing what this beautiful city has to offer.  So in an effort to keep you on your feet and moving, with lots of energy and no stress, we've done some of the research for you so that you can make the most out of your animal friendly trip, all in one place. 

Veg & vegan Porto
Vegan's guide to porto
more vegan spots


The best trips are well rounded!  Whether you want to bring out your inner kid or splurge on a posh night out, check out our other sections to see how other adventurers and locals see Porto!




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