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          Paris, from it's enchanting riverside café's and marble stone buildings to it's plethora of elegant Michelin level restaurants and uniquely mysterious speakeasies, the city doesn't fall short of it's legend as the famed romance capital of the world.  Capital of France since 987 A.D., closest neighbor to the British Empire, and the center of western Europe, Paris is not short of historical monuments, religious wonders, and captivating experiences.  Influences from the Mediterranean, neighboring countries, and it's changing allies and colonies across the centuries along with the high value people place in French tradition make Paris unique in a world of globalized metropolises.  Whether you're looking to experience world renowned french wine, tour the UNESCO world heritage region of Champagne, or experience the best restaurants, bars, and hotels the city has to offer, we've done some of the research for you so that you can get the most out of your trip, all in one place. 

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The best trips are well rounded!  Whether you want to bring out your inner kid or find some local cheap eats, check out our other sections to see how other adventurers and locals see Paris!

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