The Glorious City

Athens for Backpackers

          Athens, city of Athena, the birthplace of democracy, and the center of ancient Greece, has been a hotspot destination for generations of backpackers.  From it's impressive Acropolis with the temple of Athena to the legendary Hadrian's Arch, Athens is not short of historical wonders to trek and explore.  The best of Athens, however, isn't all in the past.  With it's up and coming street art scene, growing hipster neighborhoods, array of delicious foods, and traditional coffee's and sweets, Athens makes the perfect destination for backpackers ready to dive in to local culture.  Whether you're looking for the best way to explore Athens on a budget or want to find the best hostels to meet other adventurers, we've done some of the research for you so that you can make the most out of your trip, all in one place. 

Budget Stays
2 days: athens on a budget
morning bike tour
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The best trips are well rounded!  Whether you want to bring out your inner kid or splurge on a posh night out, check out our other sections to see how other adventurers and locals see Athens!

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Photogenic athens
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